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Before COVID-19 biopharmaceutical alliance managers were dealing with an increased demand for their services as companies' traditional alliance portfolios continued to grow in size and complexity. With COVID-19 and virtual work, an additional burden has been added, but a new urgency to rethink how alliance management is done presents itself. Add to that all the new types of service, data, and digital partnerships being stood up and it is clear the time has come to reimagine how alliance management practices are implemented and the capability organized and resourced to meet growing demand.

The need to become more agile, iterative, and focused on what truly matters is great.

Agile principles have been applied to businesses as varied as Haier, a white goods manufacturer, and global healthcare companies such as F. Hoffmann-LaRoche with impressive results. This webinar introduces a practical approach to applying agile methods to the practice of alliance management and the structure of a function or team. Participants will learn:

About the Presenters

The Rhythm of Business has been driving partnering outcomes since 1999 through thought leadership and alliance management expertise. Our practical consulting and educational offerings enable and develop the partnering mindset, skillset, and toolset throughout your organization—from the executive suite to the front lines of research in the lab or sales in the field.

Principals Jan Twombly, CSAP and Jeff Shuman, CSAP, PhD are trusted advisors to the ASAP community, working as an extension of partnering and alliance management teams, helping them accelerate outcomes from partnering and alliances. They help business leadership move organization, operations, and behavior to a more collaborative way of working, both internally and externally. They guide companies to reach higher levels of alliance success by integrating partnering into all aspects of the business. Customized education and training bring alliance and collaboration skills to all who interact with partners.

Twombly serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP). She is Chairman of the Editorial Committee and frequent contributor to ASAP Media, publisher of Strategic Alliance Quarterly, and together with Jeff Shuman, contributed to the ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide. Her volunteer responsibilities previously included the program content of ASAP conferences. Shuman was part of the team that created the CA-AM and CSAP certifications.

Shuman is also professor at Bentley University. Both he and his students appreciate the many contributions of ASAP members to the next generation through their classroom presentations and student interviews!

Together they have a rich history of developing, publishing, and presenting strategic and practical thinking that advances the art and science of collaboration, partnering and alliance management.